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1915 Transcription

Transcriptions from the 1915 Diary

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February 9, 1915

At Larkhill all day preparing to leave for France.


February 10, 1915

Left Amesbury 7 A.M. for Avonmouth. Arrived 4 P.M. Embarked S.S. Dunkirk (City of Dunkirk). Detrained our horses on boat overnight. All horses embarked without mishaps. Deck hand fell into the water between ship and dock, was rescued.


February 11, 1915

On boat all day in dock, the ship's engine having broken down. Engine fixed we leave Avonmouth late in the afternoon.

Horses have good accommodation on ship. No sleeping quarters for officers & men. Hay & forage good on ship in good sanitary conditions.

February 12, 1915

At sea. Horses O.K. Sea very rough.

S.S. City of Dunkirk

February 13, 1915

On board ship all day. Enter Bay of Biscay in the morning. Sea very rough and I was damn sick. Just laid down in hay with the horses.

S.S. City of Dunkirk. St. Nazaire

February 14, 1915

On board all day. Anchored outside large dock 8-30 p.m. Moved into dock during the night and disembarked next a.m. Lose my cap at sea.

St. Nazaire

February 15, 1915

Disembarked at 7 a.m. All horses unloaded without casualties. Had lunch up town & had look around for a while. Leave St. Nazaire afternoon for Strazeele. Leave 11-30 PM. Embarked all horses without casualty. Capt. Cline & I share first class compartment on train.


February 16, 1915

On train all day enroute Strazeele.

February 17, 1915

Arrived at Strazeele 10 pm. Detrained horses safely. Raining very hard & very dark. Finish detraining midnight and leave Strazelle station for the Village 1 1/2 miles distant. Horses fed & put away 2 a.m. Get a little sleep after. Rode Bumpers.


February 18, 1915

Visit horse lines a.m. also visit Hazebrouck. Located a room and office at the brewery. Very fine place. Good bed. Eat.

February 19, 1915

Visit transport lines, make sick report & visit A.D.V.S. at Hazebrouck.

February 20, 1915

Visit transport lines. Ogogarty visits me in Strazeele after noon.

February 21, 1915

Leave in the morning for Ploegsteert arrive in late afternoon. Met Gen. Lord Cairns & have tea with his staff also dinner 7-30 p.m.

Billet at small farm house close to Ploegsteert. Capt. [illegible] and myself share small room.

Saw aeroplane fight in the evening. Our infantry go into trenches for instructions for first time.


February 22, 1915

Visit Transport Lines a.m. with imperial V.O. Afternoon visited Village of Ploegsteert to see ruined church which was being shelled every day.

February 23, 1915

At 7 a.m. all morning receiving instructions from Imperial V.O..

Afternoon visit Nieppe with Imperial V.O. and was introduced to Major Holmes A.D.V.S. 6th Division and receive further instructions from him.

February 24, 1915

Visit Transport Lines a.m. Went to Armentières in the afternoon. Went to small Picture show (The Follies) but was not open so returned to camp.

February 25, 1915

Visit Lines a.m. Afternoon visit Bailleul. Back to Farm for dinner.

Very muddy.

February 26, 1915

Visit Transport Lines in the morning. Stay at farm in afternoon. 

Germans drop shells close to farmhouse where I stay. Make reports for week.

Saw aeroplane fights in the evening.

February 27, 1915

Visit lines a.m. Stay at farm afternoon.

February 28, 1915

Visit lines a.m. Everything O.K.

March 01, 1915

Leave Ploegsteert a.m. for Fleurbaix, arrive 3:30 p.m. and Billet at Maire's house overnight. myself and Capt. Clarke share one room.

2nd Infantry Brigade take over trenches from English Brigade.


March 02, 1915

Hdqrs Transport stay at Maire's Farm all day. I find myself a room at little farm across from Maire's farm and stay there overnight with McCourt.

Germans shell the church at Ploegsteert & kill 2 soldiers and wounded 8 more. Inspected billets for horses and find them O.K.

March 03, 1915

Visit transport a.m. Remove Hdqrs transport from Maire's Farm to a farm close to Batallion transport

Staff move into large house in village for Hdqrs. This house was used by German Crown Prince before driven back. I secure a large room with two old ladies a short distance from Hdqrs and move in same day.

March 04, 1915

Visit lines a.m. Went to Bac-Saint-Maur in afternoon. Draw two horses from mobile vet. section.

March 05, 1915

Visit lines also call to see Col. Neil A.D.V.S. at Bac St. Maur.

March 06, 1915

Visit lines a.m. Inspect shoeing of 5th Bttn. Call to see Capt. Walsh and Edgett.

March 07, 1915

Visit mobile station. Bac St. Maur & get new saddle horse.

Germans drop a shell into Brigade Hdqrs and destroy Capt. Green's room.

Church also hit.

March 08, 1915

Germans shell village. Sentry outside our Hdqrs killed also several wounded

Visit lines and find rations short and report matter.

March 09, 1915

Visit transport lines. Horse feed not sufficient. Matter taken up at Headquarters.

March 10, 1915

Went rounds. Food better. 1 horse Can. Engineers died of pneumonia.

March 11, 1915

Went rounds. Advised abandon of horse Blankets.

March 12, 1915

Visit rounds in the morning. Visit Col. Neil A.D.V.S. at Bac St. Maur.

March 13, 1915

Make rounds. Feed better. Went to Armentières with Ogogarty.

March 14, 1915

At Hdqs all morning. Went to Armentières.


April 18, 1915

Germans bombard Canadian lines and trenches.

Have bath at little grocery store in Ypres. 

April 19, 1915

Germans shell town and kill 4 soldiers in Grand Place. Many others injured. Saw Aeroplane fall. Stay in cellar under large grocery store for several hours. Tremendous shelling.

April 20, 1915

Visit Elverdinge Graveyard & Church blown up. Dead soldiers & many corps lying all around. 

Visit vet mobile station. 

Germans shell Ypres all day. Many killed and injured.

April 21, 1915

Shelled out of my Billet & lost everything. Stayed at no. 16 Vet mobile station. Have supper with English Cavalry. 

Many killed.


April 22, 1915

Town is being shelled to pieces. Many men & horses killed. Shell bursts almost at my feet. 

Germans gas French soldiers who retreat en mass. Hundreds of civilians and soldiers streaming down road out of Ypres. Old men carrying their wife on their back. 

Terrible scenes.

Canadian soldiers hold on grimly against great odds.

April 23, 1915

Stayed with Ogogarty. Lost everything . Returned to Ypres under heavy shell fire to try to save some of my things. Attempt failed. Tremendous shelling, impossible to enter Ypres.

April 24, 1915

Germans shell attacking terrible fighting. Canadian troops hanging on. Stayed with Ogogarty. Recovered coat from ruins.

7000 Canadian casualties.

Germans shell Poperinghe.

July 03, 1915

Discuss well question with Capt. Graham 5th Bttn.

July 05, 1915

Left Steenwerck for Boulogne 6:30 pm for England. Arrrived Boulogne 12:30 am. Called at Saint-Omer on way down. Had bottle of Champagne. Hotel St. Vincent with friend.

July 06, 1915

Left Boulogne 1 a.m. for Folkestone, arriving at 2:30 a.m. Left Folkestone for London 3 a.m. arrived in London at 7:30 a.m.

Found Capt. Graham at Imperial Hotel. Bank Montreal 10 o'clock draw 10 pounds.

Left London 11:15 for Leeds. Arrive Leeds 3:30 p.m. Left Leeds for Dewsbury 3 arrive 5 o'clock. Stayed with G.B. Woodhead overnight. Met Fred 9 o'clock. Visit [illegible] Carr.


July 07, 1915

Leave Dewsbury 7:10 a.m. for Leeds. Leave Leeds 8:15 am for Birmingham. Arrive in Birmingham 12 o'clock noon. Arrive at Bournville 1:30 p.m. Had lunch with aunt. Met Jack at aunts'. After lunch myself, Fred, Jack, & Eric depart for Birmingham. Had few drinks & leave B for London 5:14 p.m. Arrive in London 8:45 p.m. Graham waiting for me at the Imperial Hotel. Spent evening with Graham. Retire for night midnight.


July 08, 1915

In London all day. Visit Zoo in morning & see Winnie. Afternoon looking round city. Visit Book Store and was measured for Jack Boots. Also bought watch. Lunch at Lyon’s popular restaurant Piccadilly.

Met Miss Stokes in Evening.  Spent evening together at Hotel Cecil.

July 09, 1915

In London all day. Went to tailor shop at 25 Piccadilly ordered breeches left measurements for clothes. Bought new cap.

July 10, 1915

London all day. Looking round city. Bought wristlet. Had lunch at Lyon's popular restaurant Piccadilly. Spent evening with May Stokes.

July 11, 1915

Visit Rotten Row in the morning, lunch in the city. Afternoon meet Miss B. & Miss Wolf at Marble Arch. Myself, Graham & the two girls have drinks together in private room with piano. Lots of fun.

July 12, 1915

In London all day. Left London 7:15p.m. for Folkstone, arrive 10 p.m. Leave Folkstone for Boulogne 11:15 p.m. arrive Boulogne 12:30 p.m. Leave Boulogne 1:30a.m. (13th) for Steenwerck arriving 7 a.m. (13th).

Graham and I walk half way to Petit Pont, was met by Transport there. Met Miss B. & W. 2 p.m. went to Zoo, saw Winnie. Saw Green & brigadiers at Station.

July 13, 1915

Arrived back to camp 8:30 a.m. Visit lines p.m. Slept all morning.

July 14, 1915

Visit Transport Lines a.m. Lunch with Ogogarty at mobile section at Steenwerck. After lunch went to Bailleul, returned to camp 4 p.m. McCourt reduced to ranks.

Petit Pont

July 15, 1915

At hdqrs a.m.

Met Sir. Chas. Ferguson O.C. 2nd Army Corps

Eglise Church burned to the ground in the evening.

Visit Lines in Afternoon.

Received Letters from Jess, Mrs. Wood.

July 16, 1915

Visit Transport Lines, make reports and visit A.D.V.S. in afternoon. Met Edgett. 

Everything O.K.

Received order to send daily forage report.

Inspected Hay & Oats.

Raining in the evening.

July 17, 1915

Visit 5 transport lines. In camp all afternoon. Raining all day.

Inspect headqrs. forage, find everything O.K.

Arrange with Graham & farmer for site to dig well.

July 18, 1915

Visit Lines a.m. & inspect forage. Also shoeing of 8th bttn, everything O.K.

Ride to [illegible] for lunch return to camp 6:30 p.m.

July 19, 1915

Visit lines a.m.. Went to Bailleul p.m. with Graham.

Receive Letters from Jess & May & Jim.

Weather fine.

July 20, 1915

Visit transport lines, examine forage, find it O.K. Visit Bailleul after lunch with Capt. Dixon.

Examine shoeing 7th bttn.

Weather fine.

July 21, 1915

Visit lines a.m. Afternoon have a little nap.

Premier Borden, Prince Arthur of Connaught, Sir Max Aitken, Gen. Alderson visit headqrs & have tea with us.

Breeches arrive from London also fine.

Weather fine.

July 22, 1915

Visit lines a.m. and inspect forage, find everything O.K. Transport officers report shortage of horse brushes.

Visit A.D.V.S. afternoon and report matters.

July 23, 1915

Visit Transport lines A.M. Visit A.D.V.S. at Nieppe.  Met Dixon at Nieppe also young Leach of Newmarket Eng.  Ogogarty visited my tent in the evening.

July 24, 1915

Germans put 6 shells into our farm at 8 a.m.. One direct hit on farmhouse. House badly damaged also tents outside farm house.

8 holes in my tent. Remove hdqrs transport further back. Too close to firing line.

July 25, 1915

Visit Lines a.m. Afternoon visit 8th Bttn. reserve trenches and see Jack. On duty all night at Brigade hdqrs.

July 26, 1915

Visit lines in the morning. Afternoon ride into Bailleul with Capt. Dixon and have dinner there at Golden [illegible] Estaminet.

Examine 18th shoeing.

July 27, 1915

Visit lines a.m. Jack & Stan Clarke visit my tent and have supper at little Estaminet.

Examine horses for skin disease and find 4 cases of cracked heels.

July 28, 1915

Visit lines a.m. Examine shoeing 8th bttn.  Visit Nieppe afternoon.

Inspect horse lines at feeding time to see if hay nets & nose bags were being used.

July 29, 1915

Visit lines a.m.  Visit Nieppe in morning and trade horses with [illegible].  Bring chest. geld. home.

Inspect shoeing of field ambulance, find everything O.K.

July 30, 1915

Visit calf for French farmer. Also 5th and 7th Transport Lines. Made sick report.

Visit A.D.V.S. at Nieppe afternoon.

July 31, 1915

Visit lines a.m. afternoon A.D.V.C. Captain Black inspected transport lines. Everything O.K.

On duty all night at Brigade hdqrs. Receive letter from B.W.

August 1, 1915

Have breakfast in bed. After have nice shave & then made monthly diary. 

Not feeling very good. Visit lines afternoon.

August 2, 1915

Visit lines in morning. Afternoon make up drugs for units. Forage pretty good the oats being a little dirty.


Petit Pont

August 3, 1915

Visit Lines A.M. Everything O.K including Forage with exception of one or two Bags of Oats which were a little dirty.


Petit Pont

August 4, 1915

Visit Transport Lines A.M. Went to Bailleul afternoon and there have supper with Dixon. Horse falls in shell hole and I get nasty fall. Forage O.K.

Rain in morning.

August 5, 1915

Visit Transport Lines am. Send Bay Geld. to V.M.S. 2nd Engineers Broken [illegible]. Afternoon visit Capt. Walsh and have supper with him.

Not feeling very good. Very stiff after my fall the day previous.

Receive letters from Fred, Bk. Montreal, May, Pa & Ma, Wood.

Very warm.

Petit Pont

August 6, 1915

Visit Transport Lines A.M. Forage O.K. Make Reports & Visit A.D.V.S. Visit Paymaster & draw £5. Have lunch with Ogogarty. Met Canon Almond Montreal at Nieppe.

Afternoon visit Bailleul and have supper with Dixon. Calf sweatbreads & mushrooms. Champagne.

Paid McCourt 25 francs.

Weather showery.

August 7, 1915

Visit Transport Lines in morning also Capt. Walsh. Forage O.K.

Afternoon stay at Hdqrs & rest also called to see Jack Bolger at 6 P.M. arrange for visit to my Tent the next day Sunday.

Weather showery.

Petit Pont

August 8, 1915

Write letters in a.m.

Afternoon visit Capt. Walsh who returns to my Tent in the Cart. On Duty all night at Headqrs. Heavy Bombardment all night.

Weather fine.

August 9, 1915

Visit Lines A.M. Called on Jack at 8th Bttn Lines opposite windmill.

Suggest digging well on 10 Transport.

Afternoon myself, Jack & Stanley Clark & Irish drive to Bailleul.

Petit Pont

August 10, 1915

Visit Transport Lines A.M.

Afternoon went to Bac. St Maur with Capt. Walsh. Fishing in the canal. Had fish dinner.

August 11, 1915

Visit Lines A.M. Hay not very good.

Afternoon visit Nieppe & get drugs from A.D.V.S. Leiut. Dirkin drives with me.

Petit Pont

August 12, 1915

Visit Transport Lines am. Send two horses to V.M.S. One from 7th Bttn. 1 from 8th ([illegible]).

Remove my tent back to field behind Estaminet.

Afternoon visit 2nd Fld. Amb. at Bailleul. Order Blk Geld to be destroyed [illegible] Joint.

Receive letters from Ketchum and Rosti. Tin Tobacco from May.

August 13, 1915

Visit Transport Lines A.M. Make weekly sick Report and drive to Nieppe to see A.D.V.S.

Afternoon stay at Hdqrs. After Dinner go to Smoker & Concert given by 7th Bttn in a filed 1/2 mile from Hdqrs.

Receive letters from Ritchie & Mrs. Collinson.

Weather warm. Flies bad.

Petit Pont

August 14, 1915

Visit Lines A.M. Everything O.K. Martin prepares to go on 7 days leave to Ireland.

Afternoon Visit Capt. Walsh. 12 o'clock midnight had to leave my Bed and get to Dig out as Germans shell all around our quarters heavily.

August 15, 1915

At Hdqrs all morning.

Afternoon visit Bailleul 2nd Field Ambulance. Have supper in Bailleul.

Receive letters from Kiddie & May.

Petit Pont

August 16, 1915

Visit Transport Lines A.M. Everything O.K.

Afternoon. Visit Niepe. See Paymaster & draw £5. Meet Capt. Dixon & come home together.

Receive letters from Bessie W.

August 17, 1915

Visit Lines A.M. Horses O.K. Call to see Capt. Walsh. Caught in heavy Thunderstorm.

Afternoon. Visit A.D.V.S. Jack & McCourt drive into Nieppe with me.

Receive Letters from Jess, May & Capt. Elliot.

Petit Pont

August 18, 1915

Visit Bailleul to see 2nd Fld. Ambulance & give them 1 Bay mare. Met A.D.V.S. on Road. Have Lunch at Golden Canon Hotel. Inspect shoeing 5th Bttn.

Met Dixon & we come home together.

Weather fine.

August 19, 1915

Visit Transport Lines A.M. & find everything O.K. Suggest brick standings for horse lines. Forage Good. Col Simpson A.S.C. inspects 10th Bttn. Transport.

Afternoon stay at Hdqrs. On Duty all night as Orderly Officer. Everything quiet.

Petit Pont

August 20, 1915

Make weekly sick Report in the morning. Col. Simpson A.S.C. inspects Hdqrs Transport.

Afternoon visit A.D.V.S. with sick Report. Met Capt. Walsh & take a walk around Nieppe together. 2 Botts. Champ.

August 21, 1915

Visit Transport Lines A.M. Everything O.K. Capt. McMillan leaves 7th Transport for England.

Afternoon at Hdqrs.

Raining & Cold.

Petit Pont

August 22, 1915

Walsh & I drive into Bailleul for Lunch. After lunch visit 2nd Field ambulance return to Hdqrs for Dinner.

August 23, 1915

Visit Transport Lines A.M. Transport Sargt. informs me that he is getting too much ground maise.

Martin returns in the morning one day overdue from leave.

Visit Bailleul afternoon with Capt. Durkin.

Petit Pont

August 24, 1915

Stay at Hdqrs all Day not feeling well.

August 25, 1915

Visit Transport Lines A.M.

Afternoon visit Bailleul 2nd Field Ambulance with Capt. Durkin.

All Horse [illegible] pegged.

Petit Pont

August 26, 1915

Visit Transport Lines also Bailleul for Treatment at hospital for throat.

See 2nd Ambulance Lines. Return with Ogogarty. Soldier wounded with sharpnel outside Hdqrs.

Saw Johan by windmill farm & had a chat.

Ogogarty shows his admiration for Madamoselle at Estaminet Noveau Commerce Bailleul.

August 27, 1915

Visit Transport Lines A.M. Make weekly Report & visit A.D.V.S. at Nieppe. Have Lunch at Nieppe. After lunch proceed to Bailleul for Hospital for Treatment. Return for Dinner 7 P.M. Hdqrs. Capt. Ogogarty calls in evening.

Petit Pont

August 28, 1915

Visit Transport Lines A.M. Perform 3 operations. Call at No. 1 Field Ambulance Romarin for treatment. Afternoon take McCourt to see Doctor for Treatment. Doctor orders McCourt five days rest.

Receive letters from Jess also note from Jack.

August 29, 1915

At Headquarters all morning. Visit Jack at Field by Windmill. Have chat. Afternoon Gen. Leeley's Brigade have Horse Show. Capt. Graham & I went over.

Petit Pont

August 30, 1915

Visit Transport Lines A.M. Everything O.K. Send one mare from 10th Bttn to M.V.S. Call to see Capt. Dixon afternoon. Visit 2nd Field Ambulance Bailleul. Stay Bailleul for two hours.

2nd Engineers have Runaway. Visit wounded animal after supper at Nieppe.


August 31, 1915

Visit wounded horse at Farm close to Nieppe & put 4 stitches in wound.

Major [illegible] called while I was working on horse.

Petit Pont

September 1, 1915

Visit Lines.

September 2, 1915

Visit Lines also Bailleul.

Petit Pont

September 3, 1915

Visit Lines also A.D.V.S.

Raining all day.

September 4, 1915

Visit Lines A.M. Capt. [...] & I visit Ogogarty at V.M.S.

Get certificate from Major Wright 1st Can. Ambulance.


Petit Pont

September 5, 1915

Visit Lines A.M. Jack & Stan visit my Tent.

Gramophone Concert. Jack & Stan have supper with me.

September 6, 1915

Visit Lines A.M.

Visit Bailleul P.M. Meet Dixon. Receive orders to get ready for Base.

Petit Pont

September 7, 1915

Visit Lines A.M. Call to see A.D.V.S. Nieppe.

On duty all night at Hdqrs.

September 8, 1915

Visit Lines with A.D.V.S. after inspection of instruments. Everything O.K. Have lunch with Capt. Dixon/ Capt. Wood visits me in afternoon.

Horse runs away & smashes cart to bits.

Visit Farmer's horse midnight. Acute indigestion. Died. Gen. Seeley. Col. Lipsett, Col Rattery, Col dine with us at Hdqrs. 10th Bttn. Band in attendance.

Petit Pont

September 9, 1915

Visit Lines A.M. At Hdqrs afternoon. Capt. Dixon calls.

Receive orders to proceed to Havre Sept. 11th 1915.

September 10, 1915

Make out reports A.M. Visit A.D.V.S.

Went to Steenwerk Station and arrange for Train.

Petit Pont

September 11, 1915

Packing up ready to leave for Havre. Horses entrained at 11 A.M. Missed Train and proceed by 3 P.M. Train to Boulogne. Arrive there 8 P.M. Overnight Boulogne at Hotel Derveaux. Have dinner there with Dixon.


September 12, 1915

Have Breakfast at Hotel Derveaux after we leave to Visit R.T.O. Boulogne. Find our horses & men in Freigh yards.

Leave Boulogne 2-30 P.M. for Havre. Break journey at Abbeyville and have dinner there. Leave Abbeville for Boulogne 10-30 P.M. On Train all night, sleep in Box Car with horses.

On Train

September 13, 1915

Arrive Le Havre 3-30 P.M. Report to Base Commandant and leave Maritime Gare 5 P.M. for Vet Hospital about 3 miles out & meet Capt. Saunders, Capt. Steadman, Capt. Richards, Capt. Burnette & Lt. Bear.


September 14, 1915

At Vet Hospital and take over work from Capt. Richard D Sub-sectoin . C.A.V.C. Catarrh & Fever Ward.

Le Havre

September 15, 1915

At Hospital all Day. Orderly Officer of Day.

Horse runs away at Hospital and injures driver.

September 15, 1915

Work in Hospital sll morning.

Afternoon Mess meeting pay 25£ to mess account. Ride with Dixon into the City.

£25 paid to mess.

Weather fine.

Le Havre

September 17, 1915

At Hospital A.M.

Afternoon leave Hospital with Lt. Sears for City. Introduced to several Ladies and went for a swim with one of them. Have Boxing match on Diving Board with pretty French Girl. Pockets picked in Bath House. Pickpocket caught redhanded.

Weather Fine.

September 18, 1915

At Hospital all morning. Visit City afternoon with Capt. Dixon and have dinner there also consult officer's Hospital for Treatment to Throat.

Visit chief of Police & my Disc is returned. Visit Rue de Gallion after supper. Fish & Oysters dinner.

Le Havre

September 19, 1915

Orderly Officer for Day nothing unusual to note.

Capt. Goudre brings several Ladies in afternoon for Tea. We have a little dance in mess.

Weather fine. Letters. May & Bank Montreal.

September 20, 1915

At Hospital A.M. Visit City in afternoon with Dixon. Have swim in Sea with Madamoselles. Call at Hospital.

Le Havre

September 21, 1915

At Hospital all morning. Inspection by Gen. Moore. Everything satisfactory. Visit City afternoon with Dixon.

Call on Interpreter at Camp no. I. Visit Hospital for Officers. O.C. orders me into Hospital for a few days.

September 22, 1915

Prepare to go to Hospital for treatment to throat. Leave Vety. Hospital 9-30 A.M. for Officers' Hospital Le Havre. Arrive 11 A.M. and was admitted & put to bed where I remained until next day. 7 Beds in Ward No. 2. Lt. Richardson, Lt. Montgomery (M.P. Southampton).

Le Havre

September 23, 1915

In Hospital all day at Le Havre. Dixon visits me in afternoon at hospital Le Havre.

September 24, 1915

At Hospital, have walk along promenade in the morning. Afternoon Capt. Dixon & Interpreter walk around Le Havre. Met Capt. Brunette C.A.V.C. on Rue de Strasbourg.

Le Havre

September 25, 1915

Still in Hospital but feeling better. Have walk around Town etc. Oyster meal with Dixon 4-30 P.M.

September 26, 1915

At Officers' Hospital. walk along promenade all morning. Afternoon go for ride with Interpreter around outskirs of Le Havre. See forts. Beautiful scenery.


Le Havre

September 27, 1915

Discharged from hospital in morning. Went to live with Mr. Stentin French officer. Capt. Dixon stays all night with us and went back to Camp Tuesday morning. Met Mr. Sears in the Town riding. Supper at Hotel Bourdeaux.


September 28, 1915

At Stentin's house, [illegible] with 3 Filles Belle. Have good time. Met Monsieur Dreyfus at Fox. Bar. Visit Hospital afternoon and have throat treated.


Le Havre

September 29, 1915

At Stentin's house all morning Sanvic prepare to go Back to Vet. Hospital. Lunch with Stentin at Restaurant.

Stay in Town all P.M. Have supper with Stenlin & Mademoselle at little oyster shop. Leave Le Havre back to Vet. Hospital. Hafleur arriving at 9-20 P.M. Missed last car & had to walk home.


September 30, 1915

At work again in hospital C.A.V.C. Lightning strikes chimney stack close to Huts.

Afternoon ride in to see Capt. White A.M.C. No 9. Hospital. [illegible] two slides taken but nothing found. Back for Supper.

Capt. Steadman leaves for England.


Le Havre

October 1, 1915

Vety. Hospital all morning. Afternoon visit City and have supper with Leut. Reed and Baby & his girl at little oyster store. Mr Stenlin runs me back to Camp on auto Bicycle. Cold chicken dinner.

Receive cake from Mrs Woodhead also a letter from Jess.


October 2, 1915

Orderley Officer of Day. At Hospital all day. Stenlin visits me at camp.


Le Havre

October 3, 1915

At hospital all Day. Veterinary Lines.

October 4, 1915

At Vet. Hospital all Day.

Dixon leaves for England in the evening.

Le Havre

October 5, 1915

Prepare to leave Vet. Hospital for Hospital at [illegible]

Leave Vet hospital for Hospital No. 9 for Treatment at 9-30 A.M. Arrive at hospital 10-30 A.M and was put straight to Bed.

October 6, 1915

At Hospital in Bed all Day.

Leut. Pearson arrives and was put in Hut with me.

Le Havre

October 6, 1915

Confined to Bed in Hospital.

October 7, 1915

Confined to Bed in Hospital.

Le Havre

October 8, 1915

Ordered up out of Bed & moved to large Marquee with a number of convalesent officers.

October 9, 1915

Still in Hospital. Situation rotten but feeling better. Met Lt. H. Davies 25 Old Oak Road, Acton, London.

Le Havre

October 10, 1915

Still in Hospital progressing favourably.

October 11, 1915

Still in Hospital but improving.

Le Havre

October 12, 1915

Still in Hospital.

October 13, 1915

Still in Hospital. improving.

Le Havre

October 14, 1915

Still in Hospital. Went to Town & had Tea at Mary's Tea Rooms Le Havre with Lt. McManus & Lt. Davies.

October 15, 1915

Still in Hospital. Went for walk in afternoon with Lt. Davies had Tea at Lighthouse (Maison Blanch) with two French Girls.

Le Havre

October 16, 1915

Still in Hospital recovering.

October 18, 1915

Discharged from Hospital & returned to duty to Vety. Hospital Harfleur.


October 19, 1915

At Vety. Hospital at work. Applied for leave to proceed to England.

Molon's Farm, Le Havre

October 20, 1915

Vet. Hospital all day. One horse strangled thro the night.

Le Havre

October 21, 1915

At Vety.Hospital all morning.

Afternoon went to Town with Capt. Dixon. Called at No. 9 hospital. Dr. Campbell not home. Called at oyster store & had oysters. Returned to Camp 7-30 P.M. Wet through.


Griff. Jess, Jack B. Miss Reid, Ciss Wood.

Raining afternoon.

October 22, 1915

At Vet. Hospital. Orderly Officer of Day also Paymaster. Received Twenty Eight Hundred Francs from C.G. (£2800).

Mr. Stenlin calls to see us in afternoon.


Le Havre

October 23, 1915

At hospital all day.

Afternoon we entertained the Marquis De La Tornet and his four daughters for Tea also Mr. Stenlin. Party were shown around Lines.


October 24, 1915

Vety. Hospital all day.

Dine at Hotel Bordeaux with Capt. Evans [illegible].


Le Havre

October 25, 1915

At Vety. Hospital all morning. Application for leave turned down. Fresh application sent in.

Afternoon went down Town with Capt. Dixon.

[illegible] 16 horses for Remount.


October 26, 1915

Orderly Officer of Day.


Le Havre

October 27, 1915

At Vety. Hospital all Day.

Afternoon call and have Tea with Mr. Stenlin & the Vicomtesse De La Croix Laval. 2 Rue des Grepes St. Adresse. Dinner in Le Havre.

October 28, 1915

At Hospital all Day.

Le Havre

October 29, 1915

At Hospital all Day.

October 30, 1915

Orderly Officer all Day at Vety. Hospital.

Le Havre

October 31, 1915

At Vety. Hospital all morning. O.C. inspects Lines. Receive notice to proceed on leave to England.

Afternoon have little nap. O.C., myself & Dixon walk into City and have supper at Hole in Wall. Crab Salad, etc.

November 1, 1915

Leave Le Havre at 10-30 P.M. for England. Very rough crossing the channel and was very seasick all night.

November 2, 1915

Arrive Southampton 10-30 A.M. Leave Southampton midday for London. Arrive London 3 P.M. have wash & clean & leave London 4-45 P.M. for Leeds. Arrive Leeds 10 P.M. Stay overnight at Queen's Hotel Leeds.

November 3, 1915

Leave Leeds 10 A.M. for Dewsbury. Arrive Dewsbury about 11 am. Have Lunch with G.B. Woodhead. Visit Carr Cottage for Tea.

Report to Col. Lee who advises me to Report to Hospital Leeds. Meet Fred at 6 P.M. at Royal Hotel Dewsbury & have walk round town.

November 4, 1915

Leave Dewsbury for Leeds to report to Northern Gen. Hospital for treatment. Was admitted and sent straight to Bed per orders Major Griffith.


November 5, 1915

In Hospital confined to bed. Lt. Col. Baris takes over my case & prescribes for me. Have pretty bad night.


November 6, 1915

In Hospital all Day. Fred visits me in afternoon.

November 7, 1915

In Hospital confined to Bed all day by feeling better.


November 8, 1915

In Hospital all Day confined to Bed feeling pretty seedy. Autogenous vaccine by Major Viney.

November 9, 1915

Still in Hospital. Very bad night.


November 10, 1915

Still in Hospital feeling better.

Mrs. Collinson calls to see me.

November 11, 1915

Still in hospital & progessing favourably.

Miss Wright & Miss Huggins visit Hospital.


November 12, 1915

Still in Hospital in bed all day.

November 13, 1915

Still in Hospital in bed all day.

Fred & Arthur call to see me in afternoon.


November 14, 1915

Still in Hospital in bed all day.

Mr & Miss Collinson & Miss Huggines call to see me in afternoon.

November 15, 1915

Still in Hospital in bed all day.


November 16, 1915

In Hospital all day.

Fredy & Arthur call & see me in hospital also Mrs. G. Mosley.

Rec'd letter from Miss Liliian Huggan, Breakcliffe, Bramley, Leeds, Yorks.

November 17, 1915

In Hospital all Day. Get up for short while not feeling very well.

Afternoon Miss Huggins & Miss Wright call & see me.


November 18, 1915

In Hospital all day up for few hours.

Mrs. Collinson calls to see me in afternoon.

November 19, 1915

In Hospital all day.

Madge, Cis & Queen call to see me.


November 20, 1915

In Hospital all day.

This day I make Bet that Mr. Hill is fit for active service in [illegible] months. Jan 20th 1915.

Receive Letter from Capt. Evans.


November 22, 1915

In Hospital at Beckett's Park.

November 23, 1915

In Hospital.

Grand Duchess George of Russia opens new concert Hall at Beckett's Park.

Go down Town after Lunch about 5 P.M.


November 24, 1915

Lt. [illegible] informs me that I am granted 3 weeks leave.

Met Fred, Dawson & Hill in Town. Went to Empire Theatre with Miss. B.

November 25, 1915

In Hospital A.M. preparing to leave for Dewsbury.


December 12, 1915

Leave London for Salisbury 12 P.M. arrive 2-30.

Visit Red Lion also Miss Card. Miss [illegible] came to station with me.

Leave Salisbury for London 6-30 P.M. arrive 8-30 P.M. and proceeed to Imperial Hotel for night.

December 13, 1915

Leave London Charing Cross at 3 P.M. for Folkestone arrive 7-30 P.M. Stay over night at Pavilion Hotel.

December 14, 1915

Leave Folkestone 5-30 P.M. for London.

Visit Canadian Throat Hospital Hotel West Cliffe & was examined by Major Goldsmith of Toronto who prescribed for me.

Saw Capt. Frape at Folkestone Station.

Have lunch with Lt. Fortin & Miss Ovenden & Miss ---- at Queen's Hotel.

December 15, 1915

In London all Day. Leave Waterloo Station 10-30 P.M. for Southampton arrive 12-30 P.M. Embark on Boat for Le Havre 1 A.M. Midnight & go to bed in Cabin no. 55 with Major Wilson RE. Have rough passage & was very sick.

December 16, 1915

Arrived at Le Havre 2-30 P.M. from Southampton after rough trip. Proceed to C.A.V.C. Hospital arriving 4 P.M. & have lunch.

Receive letters from Jess, Miss Reid & McCourt.

Le Havre

December 17, 1915

At Hospital all day on Duty on my own Lines. Inspect all horses etc.

Letters sent to Miss Hawes.

Le Havre

December 18, 1915

At Hospital all day.

December 19, 1915

At Hospital all day.

Le Havre

December 20, 1915

At Hospital all day.

December 21, 1915

Orderly Officer of Day.

Le Havre

December 22, 1915

At Hospital all day very busy.

Raining all day.

December 23, 1915

At Hospital all morning. Very busy on Lines.

Capt. Steadman returns to Hospital.

3 P.M. Dixon & self ride into Havre & meet [illegible] & sisters & chat for a while.

Receive leter from Misses Hawes.

Raining all day.

Le Havre

December 24, 1915

Orderly Officer of Day.

December 25, 1915

In Camp all Day. Major Mckenzie & Major McLean visit us Xmas morning. Spent very quiet Day.

Xmas Dinner at night which was excellent (Turkey).

Le Havre

December 26, 1915

Busy all morning. Went for Ride in afternoon & have Tea with Marquis & Marchoness de la Tournet & Family. Return to Camp in evening.

December 27, 1915

In Camp all morning on my Lines.

Col Newsome A.V.C. inspects Hospital at 2 P.M. Good Report.

100 horses sent to Hospital from Abbeville.

Le Havre

December 28, 1915

Remount Day. Take remounts to remount Depot.

December 29, 1915

In Hospital all morning busy.

Went for Ride with Capt. Dixon afternoon.

Le Havre

December 30, 1915

At Hospital all Day.

December 31, 1915

Hospital all Day. Orderly Officer New Year's Day.


Note on transcriptions

The transcriptions of the diaries attempt to be a faithful representation of Harry Colebourn's writings.  His spellings, idiosyncratic captialization and place names have been retained.  Any speculations about the words being transcribed have been placed in square brackets.