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1915 Royal Exchange Transcriptions

Transcription of 1915 Royal Exchange Diary

In 1915 Harry Colebourn used two separate pocket diaries.  The majority of the entries were made in the other 1915 diary.  The Royal Exchange Diary was used for several signficant periods which are transcrbed here.

March 14, 1915

At Fleurbaix all day. Went to Armentieres also went [illegible]. Battle Neuve Chapple.

March 15, 1915

Inspection [illegible] Went Rounds. Saw Big Guns.

March 16, 1915

Went Rounds. Went Armentiers. Inspected shoeing 8th Bttn.

March 17, 1915

Went Rounds. Not feeling well. Find horses with [illegible].

March 18, 1915

Went Rounds. Feeling better.

March 19, 1915

Made Reports. Went Rounds.

March 20, 1915

Went to Armentiers also went Rounds. Examined wagon wheels some not geared regularly.

March 21, 1915

Examined [illegible]. In Trenches all morning. Rounds in Afternoon.

March 22, 1915

Went Rounds.

Weather fine.

March 23, 1915

Visit Rounds. Examine 10 Bttn. shoeing.

Weather fine.

March 24, 1915

Went Rounds & Armentieres. [illegible] got Ring.

March 25, 1915

Went Rounds. Examine Harness.

Weather fine.

March 26, 1915

Went Rounds. Made Reports.

Weather fine.

March 27, 1915

Moved to Estaires.

Weather fine.

March 28, 1915

Visited Battallions. Pay day.

Weather fine.

March 29, 1915

At Estaires. Bishop Ingram London spoke to Canadian Troops 6-30 P.M. Little [illegible] give cup of coffee to Sentry.

March 30, 1915

Went Rounds. Visited Col. [illegible] sick horse Fleurbaix. Called at hospital for lunch.

Weather fine.

March 31, 1915

Went Rounds. Sent 4 horses to mobile section. Col McHay's charger died Tetanus.

April 1, 1915

At Estaires

General Currie [illegible] horses. Bombs dropped on Town aeroplane. Market Day.

Weather fine.

April 2, 1915

Making diary. Bombs (aeroplane) dropped 10-30 in Estaires. A.D.V.S. visits Hdqrs horses. 3 horses found unfit for service.

April 3, 1915

At Estaires.

Visit Fleurbaix A.M. [illegible] Horse P.M. went Rounds.


April 4, 1915

Made Rounds A.M. Lunch with Ogogarty Roast Pigeon. ARMENTIERS P.M. Bon Fille XXX.

April 5, 1915

Left Estaires for Steenvoorde. Brigadier's horse left behind.

April 6, 1915

At Steenvoorde visit [illegible] Bttn.

April 7, 1915

At Steenvoorde. [illegible] 5th, 7th & 8 Bttn.

Raining afternoon.

April 8, 1915

Visit Transport Lines.

April 9, 1915

Visit A.D.V.S. OXAZIARE. Visit Cassel.Weather fine.

April 10, 1915

Went Rounds.

Weather fine.

April 11, 1915

Visit Transport Lines. Called to see Walsh at ----. Had supper with madamoselle.

April 12, 1915

Visit Lines. Went to Winnezeele.

April 13, 1915

Visit Lines.

Weather fine.

Visit Madamoselle at night.

April 14, 1915

Left Steenvoorde for Popperinge. [illegible] Troops enter Trenches. Had dinner at Ypres.

April 15, 1915

Moved back to Ypres from WEILTZE to Ypres. Capt. Edgett joins us at Ypres.

Weather fine.

April 16, 1915

Visit Horse Lines. Capt. Edgett arrives at 9 P.M. Sleep together. Sent sick Reports.

Weather fine.

April 17, 1915

At Ypres. Visit Rounds. Canadian Troops Terrific Bombardment of German lines. Visit madamoselle in afternoon.

Weather fine.


April 18, 1915

Visit Lines. Germans bombard Canadians. Visit [illegible] evening. Had bath.

Weather fine.

For April 19 - April 24, 1915 see the 1915 Diary Transcriptions.


April 25, 1915

Stayed with Ogogarty. Much fighting. Many killed. Germans shell Popperinge.

April 26, 1915

Severe fighting all Day. Visit Lines in morning. Bombs drop on Popperinge. Close call in afternoon with Dixon.

April 27, 1915

Visit Horse Lines. Severe fighting continues. Popperinge again bombarded. Many killed and wounded.

April 28, 1915

Visit Horse Lines. Fighting continues many killed & wounded.

Weather fine.

April 29, 1915

Visit Horse Lines. Fighting again [illegible] afternoon. [illegible] not removed.

April 30, 1915

Visit Lines. Quiet day. Chat with German Prisoners. Got Button at Vlamertinge.

May 1, 1915

Visit Lines. German spies brought into Poperinghe men & women. Still shelling Vlamertinge.

Weather fine.


May 2, 1915

Visit Lines. Remove bullet from horse. Germans shell Vlmertinge.

Weather fine.

May 3, 1915

Visit Lines. Moved from mobile Sect to 10th Bttn. Slept in Blanket Tent.

Raining at night.

May 4, 1915

Left 10th Bttn back to Old house on Poperinghe Rd. Visit Fiance after supper.

May 5, 1915

Visit Headqrs. A.M. 9 P/M/ left for [illegible]. (Shells falling all around). [illegible] in ditch. Landed back to house 2 A.M.

May 6, 1915

Left Ypres for Merris via Bailleul. Rejoined Hdqrs.

Weather fine.

May 7, 1915

At Merris. Visit Lines. Billet at Grocery Store. [illegible] Bon Fille.

May 8, 1915

Visit Strazeele A.M. Visit Bailleul afternoon. Stand by at Merris all day. Paid 46 Francs [illegible] mess.

May 9, 1915

Visit Lines A.M. Inspiring speech by Gen. Alderson. Write letters P.M. to Canada.

May 10, 1915

Visit Lines. Sent Bankbook to London. Met A.D.V.S. mear Merris.

May 11, 1915

Visit Hdqrs. Lines also Transport lines. Taker over Transport of 1st Canadian Mounted Bgde.

Weather fine.

May 12, 1915

Went Rounds A.M. P.M. went to Vailleul visit Walsh not at home. Rec'd letters from Ritchie, Reid, [illegible] Card.

Weather fine.

May 13, 1915

Visit Lines at Merris. Found 1 gold Round on road.

Weather fine.

May 14, 1915

Left Merris for Roebec via Merville all night march. Arive Roebec 4 A.M. Sat MORN. Keepsakes.

May 15, 1915

At Roebec all Day. Inspect shoeing 5 Bttn.


May 16, 1915

At Robecq. Visited Lillers and bought a watch. Standing by all day.

May 17, 1915

Left Robecq for Rocon. Visited German prisoners in afternoon.


May 18, 1915

At Locon all day. Left Rocon for Trenches near La Basse 5-30 P.M.


May 19, 1915

Left farm S. of Locon for Farm near Trenches.

May 20, 1915

Visit Lines A.M. P.M. went to Locon after supper. Gramaphone concert with Edgett at small Farm.

May 21, 1915

Visit Lines. Went to Bethune A.M. Big attach. Shells bursting all around farm at night.

May 22, 1915

Visit Lines. German Prisoners at Hdqrs captured by 2nd Bgde.

May 23, 1915

Visited Transport Lines. Bethune in afternoon. Shells drop in Bethune.

May 24, 1915

Visit Lines. Visited A.D.V.S. at HINGES. Visted Bethune afternoon. XX. Saw many wounded at hospital.

May 25, 1915

Visit Lines. Visit Bethune afternoon. Shell dropped on horse lines. 1 killed one injured 5.

May 26, 1915

Went to Bethune. Visit Lines. Removed Transport close to Bethune.

May 27, 1915

Visit Lines. Wento to Bethune with Capt. Walsh.

May 28, 1915

Visit Transport Lines. Made sick report to A.D.V.S. Started on diary.

Weather fine.

May 29, 1915

Making Diary. Visit Transport Lines P.M. Bethune P.M. with Madamoselle.

May 30, 1915

[illegible] in Tent [illegible] reading. Visit Bethune P.M. also A.D.V.S. and mobile section.

May 31, 1915

Finish Diary. Went to hinges P.M. Met A.D.V.S. [illegible].

June 1, 1915

Left Essars for Beauvey. Arrived 5-30 P.M.

June 2, 1915

Visit Lines. Fix Vet [illegible for 1st C.M.B. Went to Bethune P.M.

June 3, 1915

Visit Lines A.M. Rode Arab stallion. Shrapnell hit Tent.

June 4, 1915

Visit 1st C.M.B. Lines. [illegible]. Under shellfire all Day

June 5, 1915

Visit Lines. Went to Bethune P.M. Standing by all day. Shell kills 2 women and 1 child close by.

June 6, 1915

Leve Waterloo Bridge for [illegible] via Bethune. [illegible]

June 7, 1915

Visit Lines.

June 8, 1915

Visit Lines A.M. had lunch at 10th Bttn. [illegible] Thunderstorm. Visit [illegible].

June 9, 1915

Visit Lines.

June 10, 1915

Visit Engineers. Turn over 1st C.M. Bgde to Capt. Edgett at Bethune.

June 11, 1915

Visit Lines. Visit Bethune.

June 12, 1915

Visit Lines. Visit LILLIERS [illegible].

June 13, 1915

Visit Lines. Lunch at Bethune. Test horse Mallein. O.K.

June 14, 1915

Visit A.D.V.S. Vendin St. Bethune.

June 15, 1915

Visit Lines.  Dinner at Bethune.

June 16, 1915

Visit Lines also A.D.V.S. & Field Cashier.  Bethune P.M> Standing by all Day.

June 17, 1915

Prepare to move to Trenches. Leave 9:15 arrive LEPROEL 23-30 OK.

June 18, 1915

Making Reports. Visit A.D.V.S. also V.M.S. Bethune.  Met Major Dingwall canal Bank near Bethune.  Saw him off at station for England.

June 19, 1915

Visit Lines.  Lunch at Bethune.  Sold Black horse to Mr. Brothers.

June 20, 1915

Visit Lines.  Sent cart to Engineers to be fixed.  Dinner at Bethune.  Not feeling well.

June 21, 1915

Visit Lines at Leproel.  O.K.

June 22, 1915

Moved from Leproel to Bethune.

June 23, 1915

Visit Lines.  Bethune afternoon.

June 24, 1915

Lunch with Gen SEELEY M.P. Standing by all day.  Left Bethune for Estaires via Lestrem 9-30 P.M.

June 25, 1915

All night at Estaires.  Leave Estaires 9 P.M. for Steene arrive midnight.  Also [illegible] Bethune.

June 26, 1915

Left STEENEE for Pont Petit via [illegible] at 2-30 arrive at 7 P.M.

June 27, 1915

Not feeling good. Make Reports. [illegible].

June 28, 1915

Visit Lines A.M. ARMENTIERS P.M. with Dixon. [illegible[ horse.

June 29, 1915

Visit Lines. Went to NIEPPE P.M.

June 30, 1915

Making Diary all morning. Visit Lines P.M. also visit ARMENTIERS.

July 1, 1915

Visit Lines A.M. P.M. Field Day 2nd Filed Ambulance at ROMARIN. Judge Transport horses.

July 2, 1915

Making [illegible] Report.  Visit Bailleul P.M.

July 3, 1915

Visit Lines. Armentiers P.M. with DIRKIN.

July 4, 1915

Visit Lines. Rest in afternoon

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December 8, 1915

Left Leeds for London 2-30 arrived 6-30 P.M.

December 9, 1915

In London all day.

December 10, 1915

In London.

December 11, 1915

In London

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