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1916 Transcription

Transcriptions from the 1916 Diary

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Le Havre

January 1, 1916

At Hospital Le Havre all day. Everything very quiet. Major Mc... [illegible] & Major McLean call on us afternoon.

January 2, 1916

At Hospital all day.

Le Havre

January 7, 1916

At Hospital all day.

January 8, 1916

At Hospital all day. Visit remounts.

January 9, 1916

Orderly Officer of Day. Church service 12-15 in canteen.

Visit [illegible] Paris & Charlotte with [illegible] afternoon.

Weather fine.

January 10, 1916

At Hospital all am preparing a few cases for Remounts.

Afternoon ride into Le Havre. Met Mlle Marguerite and had tea together. Returned to camp for dinner. Receive parcel from Mrs. Collinson.


Le Havre

January 11, 1916

Visit Abbatoir A.M. also Remounts 9 horses. Return for lunch. Mr. Critchley called to our mess.

January 12, 1916

At Hospital all day. Col Newsome inspects camp. Mlle [illegible] called for Tea.

January 13, 1916

At Hospital all day.

January 14, 1916

At Hospital all day.

January 15, 1916

At Hospital all morning. Send 10 horses to Remounts. Gen. Cowan inspected camp. G. [illegible] at 2 P.M.

January 16, 1916

At Hospital all morning operate on Quittor. Lunch with parson, admiral [blank space] and Capt. [blank space]  R.A.M.C.

January 17, 1916

In Camp all Day.

January 18, 1916

In Camp all Day.

January 19, 1916

In Camp all Day.

100 sick horses admitted from [illegible].

Sgt. Chapman departs for England.

January 23, 1916

At Hospital all morning. Ride over to Rouelles in afternoon. Call at Estam... with Dixon.

Madaline, sister & aunt have Tea with us.

January 24, 1916

At Hospital all morning.

Afternoon call on Marquis De La Touret & [illegible] Tea. [illegible], myself & Dixon had dinner at Gross To.. [illegible] afterwards went to no 8. & have a little fun.

Le Havre

January 27, 1916

In camp all morning. Afternoon visit Roulles camp.

January 28, 1916

In Camp all Day.

January 29, 1916

Orderly officer of Day. In Camp all morn. Afternoon ride with Dixon to Le Havre & walk with Mlle Agnes around to lighthouse.

January 30, 1916

In Camp all morning.

Le Havre

January 31, 1916

In Camp all Day.

February 1, 1916

In Camp all Day.

February 2, 1916

At Hospital all A.M. Afternoon 2 P.M. leave camp for GOURNEY-EN-BRAY with 168 horses for Convalesant Depot. Leave [illegible] 6. Le Havre 7:30 P.M. arrrive at Gourney 7 A.M. Thursday. Have breakfast at C.H.D. [illegible] Major Head.


February 3, 1916

Arrive Gourney 7 A.M. Have breakfast and unload horses. Lunch at Hotel-de-la-Gare.

Walk around town

Leave Gourney 2-30 P.M. for SERQUEX arrive 3-30 P.M.. Leave Serquex 5-30 for Rouen. Leave Sotteville 9-30 for Havre.

February 4, 1916

Arrive Havre 4 A.M.[illegible] men away and proceed to Hotel Modern for Rest. Get up 9 A.M. have breakfast & shave & leave Havre back to Camp for lunch. After lunch report to no 2 Vet Hospital with receipt for 140 horses.

Le Havre

February 5, 1916

At Hospital all morning.

Afternoon ride into town & call at Hole in Wall on way back.

Beautifull  weather.

February 6, 1916

Orderly Officer all day. Divine Service 12-15 A.M. Afternoon wrote some letters.

Sunshine. Glorious Day.

February 12, 1916

At Camp all morning. Went to Remounts. Afternoon exercise Ride. Met Dixon at Fox also Mlle. Dagie & Capt. Richards

9-30 alarm sounds. Zepp raid all lights out.

Weather fine.

February 20, 1916

In Camp all Day.

Y.M.C.A. Ladies call to camp & have tea.

February 21, 1916

At Camp all Day.

Severe snowstorm all Day. Very cold.


May 11, 1916

Left Havre 8-30 P.M. Boat for Southampton. On boat overnight. Fine voyage.

May 12, 1916

Arrive Southampton 7 A.M. Disembark at 7-30 A.M. Leave Southampton for London about 8 A.M. Arrive London at noon. Leave London for Dewsbury 3-30 P.M. arrive Dewsbury about 10 P.M. Stay Royal Hotel overnight.


May 13, 1916

At Dewsbury all morning. Meet Fred & go to house. Cheque cashed by Mr. G.B. Woodhead for £5.

Go to Leeds afternoon in mufti.

May 15, 1916

At Dewsbury all morning.

Leeds afternoon.


May 15, 1916

In London all day.

May 16, 1916

In London all morning.

Went to [illegible] Shorncliffe overnight. Leave London for Shorncliffe arriving about 5-20 P.M.


May 17, 1916

Stayed with Frape. Leave Shorncliffe at 11-20 A.M. for London. Arrive London about 2 P.M.

Imperial Hotel overnight.

May 18, 1916

Leave London 4 P.M. Waterloo for Southampton. Embark same night for France.


May 19, 1916

Arrive Havre at about 1 A.M. Breakfast at [illegible] & Bed. Back at camp for lunch.

May 20, 1916

In camp all day.

Capt. Dixon leaves from Front at 10 P.M. See him off on Train.

May 21, 1916

In camp all day.

June 10, 1916

In Camp all day. Visit Remounts in the evening with Capt. Richards.


June 11, 1916

In Camp all day. O. Officer. Entertain Dumonts for Tea in afternoon.

Mr. Shaver & 20 men arrive from England.

June 12, 1916

Visit Section & give instrutions to Sgt. After take Shaver down to report to A.A.Q.M.G. Return for lunch. After lunch Lt. Shaver and I go for a ride to lighthouse. Met Vicountess-de-la Croix Laval. Dine with Dumonts. Afterward visit no 8. R.G. Capt. Duchene lent me £40.

June 13, 1916

At Vet Hospital until 5 P.M.

Down at [illegible] in the evening.

June 14, 1916

Hospital all morning.

Dine at Havre 7-30 P.M.

Lent Duchene £25.


June 15, 1916

Orderly Officer all day.


June 16, 1916

At Hospital all morning.

Lent Capt. Duchene £10.

Le Havre

June 23, 1916

At Hospital all day.

June 24, 1916

Receive orders to proceed to Front. Attend military funeral in the morning.

June 25, 1916

At Hospital all morning packing up my goods.

Afternoon have tea with Marquis de la Touset & Family.

Dine at home.

June 26, 1916

Visit No. 2 A.V.C. A.M.

Leave Gare Maritime at Havre 10-30 P.M. for Rouen. Arrive Rouen 7 A.M. next morning.


June 27, 1916

Arrive Rouen 7-30 A.M. Report to R.T.O. 9-30. Have breakfast at Y.M.C.A. Meet wife at Hotel Dieppe at 10 A.M. Look around town and have lunch Brasserie Theatre.

Leave Rouen 4-45 P.M. for Front.

June 28, 1916

Arrive Hazebrouck 10-30 P.M.  Have lunch in Hazebrouck.

Leave Hazebrouck 4 P.M. for Poperinge. Arrive Pop. 6-30 P.M. Take bus to Reninghelst and report to Col. Smith.


June 29, 1916

Overnight at headquarters. Make Rounds with Sgt. Edwards A.M. Cost to mobile Section 1 Bay mare [illegible]

Capt. Titus, myself & Sgt. Mc... [illegible & Edwards visit Capt. Dixon. Visit Major Walsh. A.D.V.S.

June 30, 1916

Make Rounds with Sgt. Visit A.D.V.S. in morning.

Afternoon visit Dikebush.


July 1, 1916

Visit horse lines. Remove splinter from horse 19 Bttn.

Met Capt. Cameron

Capt. Titus calls on me

July 2, 1916

Visit Lines.

Capt. Dixon lunches with me

Visit Popperinghe  P.M.

Heavy bombardment & fighting

July 3, 1916

Visit Lines. Everything satisfactory.

Heavy bombarding.

July 4, 1916

Visit LInes A.M.

Went to cinema after dinner with [illegible]. Heavy bombarding & fighting close by.

Raining all P.M.


July 5, 1916

Visit Lines.

Interview Gen. Rennie at 1 o'clock.

Send two horses to V.M.S. skin disease. Visit 8th Bttn. Jack reported wounded.

July 6, 1916

Visit T.L. inoculate 4 horses.

Draw £125 50/xx Field Cashier

Dinner given to Col.Smith in village. Capt. Watson, Cameron, Evans, Church, Hunter, [illegible]. Receive letters from Elva, [illegible] & Jass.

Paid £28 00/xx. Missing B. mess

Heavy Bombardment.


July 7, 1916

Visit Transport Lines. Call on Capt. Titus at Ouderdom. Treat sick dog for General.

Very quiet on Front.

July 8, 1916

Visit Transport Lines to prepare Horses for Brigade Horse Show.

Brigade Horse Show starts at 2 P.M. 3 Bands attend also Gen. Bing, Rennie, Morrison, Lipsett, Turner A.D.V.S. 19th Bttn. win Gen's Cup. No luck with own horse.

Ideal weather.


July 9, 1916

Aeroplane comes down behind Hdqrs at 8-30.

Visit Transport Lines.

P.M. meet Col. Wilson new A.D.V.S. in Reninghelst.

July 10, 1916

Visit Transport Lines.

Afternoon visit Col. Almond Senior Chaplain at Abeele to buy Coat.

After visit Popperinghe. Germans shell Popperinghe heavily at night. Front quiet.

July 11, 1916

Visit Transport Lines.

Martin arrives from Havre afternoon.

July 12, 1916

Visit Transport Lines.


July 13, 1916

Visit Transport Lines A.M.

P.M. Visit with Major Walsh Abeele Steenvoorde, Bailleul. Visit many friends.

Many killed. German shell Popperinghe.

July 14, 1916

Visit Transport Lines A.M. Exchange Horses get Grey

P.M. Call to see Dixon. Visit Popperinighe. Town heavily shelled all morning. Many killed & wounded. Town in terrible state. Dead horses & wounded people.

July 15, 1916

Visit T. Lines A.M. Went to Popperinghe station to meet Remounts coming in on train 8-30 A.M.

Capt. Dixon calls on me in afternoon. Go to soldiers' cinema evening. Slight Bombarding.

July 16, 1916

Visit T. Lines A.M. Trade horses again with 19th Bttn.

Very quiet on Front. Raining


July 17, 1916

Visit T. Lines.

Visit Dixon Evening.

Heavy Bombarding all Day.

July 18, 1916

Lt. Col. Wilson A.D.V.S. visits transport Lines. Everything satisfactory.

July 19, 1916

Visit T. Lines.

Y.M.C.A. Horse Show in afternoon at Abeele. Good show.

Heavy bombardment.

July 20, 1916

Made Rounds A.M.

Visit Bailleul P.M. with Mr. [illegible] in M.G.Co.

Great aerial activity.

Terrific Bombarding all day.


July 21, 1916

Not feeling good. Stay in bed A.M.

July 22, 1916

Visit Transport Lines. Nothing to note.

July 23, 1916

At Home Camp A.M.

Went for a ride with Capt. Clapp around Poppininghe.

July 24, 1916

Ward Rounds and found everything satisfactory.


July 25, 1916

Attend Conference at V.M.S. with Col. Wilson. Discuss range question.

Call to see Dixon P.M.

July 26, 1916

Visit T. Lines. Nothing to note

Get Bay Mare from Walsh.

July 27, 1916

Visit T. Lines.

Visit Capt. Dixon in afternoon. Dixon lunches with me afterwards ride to Bochepe  via

July 28, 1916

Visit T. Lines A.M.

P.M. Ride with Dixon to Bailleul with coat for alteration.

Have dinner Bailleul. Captive Balloon breaks loose & blows away.


July 29, 1916

Visit T. Lines.

Call to see A.D.V.S. at his office & have a chat.

July 30, 1916

Leave Camp for Merris via Local & Bailleul 10 A.M. Arrive Merris 2 P.M. Leave Merris after lunch 4 P.M. back to Reninghelst via Bailleul and [illegible]. Arrive home 10-30 P.M. Visit grave of [illegible] Merris churchyard with Capt. Titus. Visit several friends.

Very hot.

July 31, 1916

Visit T. Lines A.M.

Have dinner with Capt. Clapp at Little Estaminet. Go to periot show after at Y.M.C.A. tent.

Very hot.


Month very cold & wet excepting last few days.


August 1, 1916

Visit Lines.

August 2, 1916

Visit Lines.

August 3, 1916

Visit T. Lines.

Afternoon Major Walsh & myself take auto ride to Abeele, Steenvoorde, Hazebrouck & Bailleul.

August 4, 1916

Visit T. Lines

Send in monthly reports.


August 5, 1916

Visit T. Lines A.M.

Afternoon visit Bailleul and get Tunic. Meet Dixon in Town.

Quiet on front.


August 6, 1916

A.D.V.S visit officers of [illegible]. Have lunch with B. mess Hdqrs 2nd Division

Afternoon ride with A.D.V.S. Visit CIII mobile Section & see Capt. Clapp.

Heavy Bombardment.

August 7, 1916

Visit T. Lines.

Germans shell Ouderdom & kill many. Shell drops few yards away from me & kills a civilian horse.

August 8, 1916

Visit Lines. Interview Gen. Rennie. Capt. Dixon calls on me in morning.

Meeting of all V.O.s at A.D.V.S. Office.

Call on Capt. Dixon P.M.

Gas alarm rung 9-30 P.M. Big attack on British.


August 9, 1916

Visit T. Lines A.M.

Stay in Camp all P.M.

August 10, 1916

Visit B...  [illegible].

Visit Bailleul P.M.


August 11, 1916

Visit R...

Visit Dickebush to Burgomaster Farm to see wounded horses.

August 12, 1916

Inspection by Gen. Turner in the morning.

Dixon has lunch with me.

Afternoon meet Col. Wilson and we go and dine with Capt. Dixon and [illegible] at Farmhouse.


August 13, 1916

Visit Rounds A.M.

Bought Cart from Col. Almond Abeele.

Afternoon 4 P.M. meet Col. Wilson and visit mobile Section to inspect dip for horses. Brigade Hdqrs move to La Clete.

Slight Bombardment. Fine weather.

August 14, 1916

Take 50 horses to mobile Section to be dipped in vat. Meet Gen. Turner at V.M.S. also Col. Thackray.

Afternoon King George makes a visit [illegible] our lines Prince was with him.

Meet Leut. Clifford [illegible] winner King's Rifle Prize 1911. Quiet on Front. 10th C.I.B. arrive in Town.

August 15, 1916

Visit T. Lines A.M.


August 16, 1916

Visit T. Lines also M.V.S. & dip 30 horses.

Visit and examine horse shot by Police at R. Afternoon visit ... at Petit Pont via Neuve Eglise. Visit Col. Wilson & Walsh evening.


August 17, 1916

Visit T. Lines

Major Edgett & Col. Wilson call in afternoon.

Quiet along Front. Raining.

August 18, 1916

Made Rounds A.M. [illegible] reports a horse badly injured at R. Examine Horse and shoot immediately. 22nd Battery C.F.A.

Have dinner at Estaminet with Capt. Emery & Lt. Mitchel M.G. Co.

Quiet along Front. Raining.

August 19, 1916

Attend board of inquiry on two horses destroyed at Reninghelst. Visit Remounts also V.M.S.

My cart is finished and returned to me.

August 20, 1916

Visit T.P. Lines.

Call at Hdqrs at La [illegible] Mike Kennedy and I visit V.M.S.


August 21, 1916

Move down to 20th Transport Lines from Hdqrs.


August 22, 1916

Visit T.P. Lines A.M.

August 23, 1916

Visit Remounts.

Prepare to leave for another Billet and the SOMME.

August 24, 1916

Leave Reninghelst at 6 A.M. for Steenvoorde arrive at 10-30 A.M. Have lunch at Steenvoorde with Major Walsh.


August 25, 1916

Overnight in Field outside Steenvoorde Town. Visit Cassel for Lunch. Lovely ride. Lunch at Hotel Sauvage in the square with Lt. Wallace 20th Bttn. Overnight in same Field.

August 26, 1916

Leave Steenvoorde for LEDERZEELE and arrive at 3-30 P.M. enroute St. OMER.

Raining A.M.


August 27, 1916

At Lederzeele all day at Farmhouse. Lunch at 20th Hdqrs in village. 3 stitches in goat's leg.

Overnight at Lederzeele.

August 28, 1916

Leave Lederzeele at 6-30 A.M. for La Commune. Halt halfway. Arrive at 11-30 A.M. Put in for lunch.

Leave again at 2 P.M. for La Commune arrive 4 P.M. pass thro WATTEN enroute.


August 29, 1916

Visit Hdqrs at Nordesque also some of units at ZOUASQUES  & TOURNEHAN.


August 30, 1916

Visit T. Lines A.M.

Move to Billet in afternoon in village of La-Commune small peasant's house.


August 31, 1916

Visit Transport lines A.M.

Afternoon visit ... at BLUE MAISON near WATTEN town out of bounds.



September 1, 1916

Visit T. Lines A.M.

Leave 11 a.m. for St. Omer. Drive cart.

Afternoon at St. OMER for Lunch at Hotel Francois in G.Place. Visit no. 4. Have supper in St. O with Mr. Wallace. Call at M.V.S. [illegible] see Col. Wilson.

September 2, 1916

Visit T. Lines A.M.

See Paymaster & get £125-

Nothing to report.

September 3, 1916

Visit T. Lines. Also Hdqrs.

September 4, 1916

Visit T. Lines. A.M.

Prepare to leave for Somme.

Leave La Commune 5 P.M. for station & entrain at AUDRUICQ. On Train overnight.

Auxi-Chateau (Somme)

September 5, 1916

Arrive at Auxi-Chateau 5-30 A.M. Have Breakfast in Town. Detrain at 6 A.M. and leave AUXI-CHATEAU for DOMLEGER (SOMME). Arrive 11-30 A.M. Put up for night. 8 miles treck by road.

No casualties.

September 6, 1916

At Domleger prepare to leave at 9 A.M. for halt at BERNAVILLE for Lunch 11-30. Leave again for MONTRLET arrive at 4 P.M. 10 miles by road. Put up for night.

Heavy bombardment. No casualties.


September 7, 1916

Leave MONTRELET at 9 am for farm DU ROSEL arrive 11-45. Stop for lunch. Leave 1-30 for HERISSART arrive 4 P.M.

Overnight at Hérissart.

Terrific Bombardment all day (no casualties) ...

September 8, 1916

Leave Hérissart at 8 a.m. for VADENCOURT.

Overnight in Woods, meet Lt. Col Dodd's camp in same woods.

Heavy bombardment.


September 9, 1916

Leave VADENCOURT 9 a.m. for BRICKFIELDS. At 12 moon met Capt. Dixon who had lunch with me. Afterwards call & see Capt. Colombe.

Terrific bombardment all day & night.

September 10, 1916

Visit Transports A.M.

Capt. Dixon calls in P.M.

Evening shell Albert.

[illegible] 27/50 missing.

Heavy bombardment all day.

Brickfields (SOMME)

September 11, 1916

Leave camp at 7-45 a.m. to pick up Capt. Dixon at SENLIS.

Leave Senlis at 9 a.m. for AMIENS. Arrive at 12-30 noon. Have few drinks at American bar. Visit ... Stay for night. Could not find Bed. Sleep on couch at Hotel.

September 12, 1916

Have breakfast. Leave AMIENS 9 a.m. Back to camp arriving at 1-noon & have lunch.

Germans shell ALBERT.

Brickfields (SOMME)

September 13, 1916

Visit Astrelens Line N. of Albert with A.D.V. to investigate horse sickness. Capt. Tamblyn comes with me. Germans shell horse lines & drop splinters on my Tent.

Very Cold.

Little Bombardment.

September 14, 1916

Visit T. Lines.

Visit Wallon Baillon.

Bombardment starts 7 P.M. Heavy.

September 15, 1916

Visit T. Lines a.m.

Big engagement. Can. infantry advance 1 mile & take many prisoners.


September 16, 1916

Visit T. Lines A.M. also A.D.V.S. at Albert. 90 with Transport Officers 20th Bttn & see no man's land & La Boiselle. Terrible devastation. Capt. Dixon calls in P.M.

Heavy Bombardment. Canadians still advancing.

Visit Wallon P.M.


Brickfields (SOMME)

September 17, 1916

A.D.V.S inspects my Horses A.M. at 9-30.

Old Doc Blanchard, Peterboro calls to see me.

Ride to Wallon Baillon with Dixon.

Quiet on Front.

September 18, 1916

Leave Brickfileds at 12-30 noon for HARPUNVILLE. Arrive at 5 P.M. Put up for night.

Raining. Heavy.


September 19, 1916

Overnight at Harpunville. Stay at Estaminet with Martha. Paid £15 for Food. Leave Harpunville at 8-30 A.M. for VAL-DE-MAISON arrive 12-30 P.M.

Overnight at Val-de-Maison.

Raining heavy.

September 20, 1916

At VAL-DE-MAISON all day. Stay overnight being wet & muddy. Raining all day. Visit A.D.V.S at Rue [illegible] in afternoon.


September 21, 1916

Leave Val-de-Maison for PERNOIS (Somme) at 8 a.m. arrive 12-30 noon. Put up for night in village.

Chicken dinner at a village house.

September 22, 1916

At PERNOIS all day. Fine weather. Visit BERTHECOURT in morning to see transport. Visit Val-de-Maison.

Col.Rodgers & Capt. Jennings has dinner with me. Overnight at [illegible.

September 23, 1916

Leave Pernois at 8 am for Val-de-Maison arrive at noon.


September 24, 1916

Leave Val-de-Maison at 8-30 a.m. for Harpunville. Arrive at noon.

Overnight at Harpunville.


September 25, 1916

Leave Harpunville for Brickfields 7-30 A.M. arrive at noon.

Have Tooth filled at Wallon Baillon. At Halt just before Gas Tank Explodes and several men are gassed including myself.

Heavy shelling at night.


September 26, 1916

At Brickfields. Visit Transport Lines A.M.

Sent 2 horses to V.M.S. 4 ....

Brickfields (Somme)

September 27, 1916

Visit T. Lines.

Appmt with Dentist at Wallon.

September 28, 1916

Visit Transport Lines.

Afternoon visit Dentist at Wallon.

Brickfields (Somme)

September 29, 1916

Visit A.D.V.S. A.M. Also Transport Lines.

Canadians take Theipval after big battle.

Front quiet.

September 30, 1916

Visit Transport Lines.

October 1, 1916

A.D.V.S. inspects Transport Horses on Brickfields. Stays for lunch along with Capt. Dixon.

Visit Warlon Baillon afternoon.

Very quiet on Front.


October 2, 1916

Visit Transport Lines.


Brickfields (Somme)

October 3, 1916

Prepare to move to BOUZENCOURT. Leave camp at 2-30 P.M. arrive at 5-30 P.M. Everything soaked. Overnight at Bouzencourt.

Raining heavily.

October 4, 1916

At BOUZINCOURT all day. Overnight at Bouzincourt at farm.

Visit A.D.V.S. at Albert but find him gone.

Bourincourt (Somme)

October 5, 1916

At Bouzincourt all day.

Report sent to A.D.V.S. at 3-30 P.M.


October 6, 1916

Leave Bouzincourt 9 A.M. for Warloy-Baillon arrive noon. Put up for night.


October 7, 1916

Overnight at Warloy-Baillon. Leave Warloy-Baillon 10-30 A.M. for LA-VICOGNE. Arrive 6-30 P.M. Put up for night.

Lunch at Val-de-Maison.


October 8, 1916

At La-Vicogne prepare to leave at 9 A.M. for MONTRELET. Arrive 12 P.M. Put up for night.

Montrelet (Somme)

October 9, 1916

Brigade stays the day at Montrelet. I leave myself and Capt. Jennings leave Montrelet for AMEINS  on 8-30 A.M. Train. Arrive at noon. Call at American Bar. Leave Amiens at 6-30 P.M. Arrive Montrelet 11 P.M.


October 10, 1916

At MONTRELET all day & visit Transports at BONNEVILLE A.M.

Afternoon I ride over to see Col. Wilson at BEAUVAL Div. Hdqrs.

October 11, 1916

Leave Montrelet at 11-30 A.M. for MEZEROLLES. Arrive at 5-P.M. Put up for night.

No casualties.

October 12, 1916

Leave MEZEROLLES 8 A.M. for CANETTEMONT. Arrive 4 P.M. Halt for lunch on road. No water for horses.

No casualties.

October 13, 1916

Leave Canettemont 7 A.M. for MARQUAY. Arrive 4 P.M. Put up for night

October 14, 1916

Leave MARQUAY 8 A.M. for HAILLICOURT. Arrice 3 P.M. Put up for night.

Visit BRUAY with Major Gordon and stay for dinner. Meet Jim Yates.

No casualties.

October 15, 1916

All day at Haillicourt. Visit BRUAY A.M. also in afternoon up to band concert in Bruay. Also have supper in Bruay.

October 16, 1916

Leave Haillicourt 9-30 A.M. for HERSIN. Arrive at noon. Stay for night. Meet Jimmy Yates on road.

October 17, 1916

Leave HERSIN 9 A.M. for BOYEFFLES arrive 10 A.M. Take over billets of 13th Bttn Rifle Brigade.

October 18, 1916

Visit Transport Lines. 1 colic died 18th Bttn at Hersin. Visit A.D.V.S. Balin. Visit Bully Grenay in afternoon and see Major Brooks & Hdqrs Horses.


October 19, 1916

Visit T. Lines A.M.

Visit A.D.V.S. P.M at Barlin.

Apply for 7 days leave.

October 20, 1916

Visit Transport Lines.

Interview Gen. Rennie afternoon at Bully Grenay.

Mentioned in Despatches.

October 21, 1916

Visit Lines, A.M.

P.M. Visit T. Lines. Meet Gen. Rennie at 18th T. Lines & proceed with him to 21st T.L. Visit 4th Fld Ambulance and count horses. Report to A.D.V.S.

October 22, 1916

Report to A.D.V.S. number of horses at 4th Fld. Amb.

Leave for Bethune with Bandmaster Moore & put up for night.


October 23, 1916

Return to Boyeffles leaving Bethune 7-45 arrive at 9-15 A.M.

October 24, 1916

Visit T. Lines. Lunch with 18th Bttn. Hersin. Meet A.D.V.S. on Rounds.

Capt. Jennings calls.


October 25, 1916

Visit T. Lines.

Visit Farmhouse to see cow which had died. Condemned carcass at BOUVIGNY.

October 26, 1916

Visit T. Lines.

P.M. Investigate death of 4 pigs for French Farmer. Hold P. Mortem on 3 pigs at Boyeffles.


October 27, 1916

Ride to Bully Grenay to see Hdqrs unit. Have lunch with Lt. Cubby 20th Bttn.

October 28, 1916

Visit T. Lines meet Mike Kennedy on road.

Visit NOEUX-LE-MINES in afternoon.

October 29, 1916

Investigate ... of pigs A.M. A Hdqrs all day.


October 30, 1916

Vist T. Lines A.M.



October 31, 1916

Visit T. Lines with Col. Wilson A.D.V.S.

The Col. has lunch with me. Afternoon finish inspection of Transport Lines and return to Boyeffles 5-30 P.M.

Notes D'Octobre

Oct a fair good month. Very wet laterly.

November 1, 1916

Visit Transport Lines A.M.

Afternoon investigate hog cholera outbreak at Grand SERVIN with Interpreter.

November 2, 1916

Visit T. Lines A.M. also have interview at Headqrs Bully Grenay with Brig. Gen. Rennie. Gen. R. recommends me for decoration. Afternoon visit 21st Trport and see Mr. Frink.

One horse [illegible] V.M.S. One horse 4 M.G. Co. V.N.S.

Front quiet.


November 3, 1916

Visit A.D.V.S. Barlin.

At Boyeffles all P.M.

Clip Bay Mare.

November 4, 1916

Visit Transport Lines.

November 5, 1916

Make a trip to [illegible]. Lovely to see Capt. Dixon a.m.

P.M. Capt. Dixon visits my Billet at Boyeflles and stays overnight with me.

November 6, 1916

Visit Transport Lines A.M.

Capt. Dixon leaves for his Hdqrs at 9-30 A.M.


November 7, 1916

Visit T. Lines

Capt. Dixon calls in A.M.

November 8, 1916

Visit T. Lines also call on A.D.V.S. at Barlin.


November 9, 1916

Visit T. Lines.

November 10, 1916

Visit T. Lines.

Capt. Dixon calls P.M. Stays overnight.

Gen. Rennie goes on leave.


November 11, 1916

Visit T. Lines A.M.

Dixon goes on leave to London.

November 12, 1916

Ride [illegible] Lt. Cuthbert to La-SERVINS to see Capt. Titus who was out.

Capt. Dixon's groom brings over old Walter.

November 13, 1916

Visit T. Lines.

Visit Noix Le Mines P.M. with Capt. Corbert.

November 14, 1916

Visit T. Lines A.M.

Visit Hdqrs. P.M.


November 15, 1916

Visit T. Lines also Bgde. Hdqrs. P.M.

Feeling under the weather. Rhuematics.

Cold but fine.

November 16, 1916

Visit T. Lines.

[illegible] call to Bouvingy to see French farmer's horse.

Cold & wintery.

November 17, 1916

Visit A.D.V.S. A.M. Inspection of vet chests at M.V.S. Barlin.

Visit Farmer's horse at Bouvigny.

Cold & Freezing.

November 18, 1916

Visit T. Lines A.M.

At Billet all P.M. Not feeling well.

Cold & Wintery.


November 19, 1916

Visit Horse Lines.

November 20, 1916

Visit Rounds A.M.

P.M. Leave Bethune at 11-30 P.M. for Boulogne. Arrive at 5 a.m. have Breakfast and embark at 7-30 am for Folkestone.

November 21, 1916

Arrive Folkestone about 10 a.m. & catch train for London immediately arriving about noon. Register Hotel Imperial meet Dirk Graham.

Overnight London.

November 22, 1916

Leave London for Dewsbury 10- am. Arrive 3-30 P.M. Put up at Fred's place. Fred arrives midnight.

Dewsbury overnight at 23 [illegible] Terrace.


November 23, 1916

Fred & I visit Leeds a.m. have lunch there at Whitlocks. Return Dewsbury 4 pm. train. Call & see Mr. Woodhead.

Overnight Dewsbury.

November 24, 1916

Leave Dewsbury for London 10 am. Arrive 2 P.M. Lunch on train. Proceed to Imperial.

Dine at Portland Hotel with Grace.


November 25, 1916

In London all day. Met Miss Haves of Kettering.

November 26, 1916

In London all day. Visit Collinsons at Portland Hotel. After proceed to Morrison's for dinner and spend the evening. Have splendid time.


November 27, 1916

In London all day. Go to zoo with Grace and see Winnie. Have Tea on Regent St.

Visit Mick Dixon at New Cross Gate and dine with him.

November 28, 1916

In London all day. Lunch with Grace & the Misses Morrison at the Trocadaro Cafe. After go to Prince of Wales Theatre.

Take girls home after.

Go before Medical Board at 9-30 a.m. 86 STRAND.

November 29, 1916

In London all day. Call at 86 Strand also [illegible] House and see Col. Smith. Lunch with Frape.

Bott [illegible]


[illegible] 3d.

November 30, 1916

In London all day.


December 1, 1916

Receive 10 days extension of leave.

December 2, 1916

At Hotel A.M. London.

December 3, 1916

At Hotel all A.M.

Dine with Morrisons.

December 4, 1916

In bed all A.M. sick.

Lunch with Dixon, Grace & Morrison girls at FRASCARTI's. Afterwards visit moving pictures at MARBLE ARCH. Feeling rotten.


December 5, 1916

Leave Imperial Hotel for Queen Alex Hospital (Influenza) at 5 P.M. Arrive at 6 P.M. and go straight to bed.

December 6, 1916

In Hospital in Bed feeling pretty tough.

Capt. Dixon calls in afternoon.

December 7, 1916

In Hospital London.

December 8, 1916

In Hospital London.

Capt. Dixon calls in afternoon.


December 9, 1916

In Hospital.

December 10, 1916

In Hospital recovering.

December 11, 1916

In Hospital A.M. almost recovered

Go for walk in afternoon for a few hours. TEA at Cave Tea-rooms. Draw £6.0.0 from Bank.

December 12, 1916

Discharged from Hospital. Go to Imperial Hotel for night.

P.M. Go out to spend afternoon with Capt. Dixon & wife at New Cross Gate. Dine with them and return to Hotel at 9 P.M.


December 13, 1916

In London all day shopping. Overnight at Imperial Hotel.

Dine with the Morrisons. Return to Portland Hotel with Grace & meet Mrs Gen. Christie.

December 14, 1916

In London all A.M. Lunch at Frascarti's with Grace & the girls.

Leave London 3 P.M. for Folkestone overnight at Royal Pavilion Hotel.

Dixon, Grace, Bessie & Alice see me off at Charing Cross Station. See Major Walsh at Shorncliffe.


December 15, 1916

Leave Royal P. Hotel for St. MARTIN'S Plains to see Jack Bolger at 10 A.M. arrive at 11 A.M. and see Jack who comes to Folkestone with me. Lunch together. Leave Folkestone for Boulogne 3-30 P.M. arrive 5-15 P.M. Overnight at Maurise HOTEL Boulogne with Capt. EDWARDS.

Draw 5£.

December 16, 1916

A.M. Breakfast 9-15 A.M. walk around Boulogne. Lunch at 12-30 P.M. Leave Boulogne 4 P.M. for BETHUNE all night on train. Damn cold trip. Journey via CALAIS & St. OMER.


December 17, 1916

Arrive Bethune 2 A.M. cross from station to hotel and stay for night. Breakfast 9 am with Lt. PECK A.S.C. Leave Bethune 10 A.M. for BOYEFFLES arrive 1 P.M. for lunch. Afternoon at Billet.

December 18, 1916

At Boyeffle A.M. Visit A.D.V.S. and report back to duty. Lunch with Col. Wilson. See Len Meadwell at his camp. Visit Bovigny P.M.

December 19, 1916

Visit Hdqrs. Transport Lines A.M. Report myself in person at Bdge. Hdqrs see Capt. Lindsay.

Visit A.D.V.S. Office P.M. Conference.

Frost & Snow.

December 20, 1916

Visit all Transport Lines A.M. Except 20 Bttn. Evacuate 1 lame horse M.G.Co.

P.M. Visit 20 Bttn. lines and inspect horses & forage & harness with Capt. Good...


December 21, 1916

A.M. Try to locate 30 Coy A.S.C.

Visit Bovigny P.M.

Gale - wet & cold.

December 22, 1916

Visit 4th Machine Gun Coy. A.M.

P.M. Visit Brigade Hdqrs. at Bully-Grenay see Gen. Rennie. Capt. Wallace leaves for England.

December 23, 1916

Visit Transport Lines A.M. meet Bridage T.O. at 18th Lines.

P.M. at Boyeflles and in Evening play Mandoline for Goodliffe.

Bombardment heavy. Rain.

December 24, 1916

Visit Mr. Candelier at Bouvigny & see his horses which are mange.

P.M. at Boyeffles. Xmas Eve all alone sitting in room thinking about everybody.

Aerial fights & Bombarding. Fine.


20th Band lets in Xmas at 12-30 midnight.

December 25, 1916

Xmas Day

Breakfast 9 A.M. after go for a Ride to BOUVIGNY and have bot. champ at Estaminet. Return Boyeffles for Lunch. Roast Turkey & plum Duff. Stay at camp all afternoon & write a few letters. Have fair good time.

Bet: Goodleft v. Colebourn

We eat dinner in [illegible]. 4 Bot Champagne. Boyeffles [illegible]

December 26, 1916

Visit Transport Lines A.M.

Afternoon Horse Show 20 Bttn. give special prize after show ride to Bully-Grenay and have Tea with Gen. Rennie & Brig Gen Mason at Hdqrs. Return for dinner.

Heavy Bombardment.

December 27, 1916

Visit A.D.V.S Barlin A.M.

P.M. Visit Hdqrs. Bgde. also Signal Horses.

Receive parcel. E.L. Maybee. One horse died at Hdqrs.

Quiet on Front. Fine.

December 28, 1916

Visit Transport Horses.


December 29, 1916

Visit BARLIN with weekly report. See A.D.V.S.

Receive parcel G. Reid.

P.M. Visit BOUVIGNY. Mr. Candilier inspect horses.

December 30, 1916

Visit all Tranport Lines A.M. return for Lunch.

December 31, 1916

Visit Barline A.M.

Visit few places in village P.M.

New Year's Eve. All alone Tout [illegible].

New Year's day at Boyeffles.


Note on transcriptions

The transcriptions of the diaries attempt to be a faithful representation of Harry Colebourn's writings.  His spellings, idiosyncratic captialization and place names have been retained.